Friday, August 21, 2009

Lovebirds Stationery by Tess Lorraine

We are so blessed to get to know some of our region's best wedding professionals. Recently we've rubbed elbows with the ever lovely Tess Lorraine from Lovebirds Stationery and can I just say, "WOW!"? If you are wanting a gorgeous, unique and personal design for your wedding day PLEASE check her out! She does a great job! Click on her site below to see more of her work!

Kadi and Andy are Married!

Theirs is a comfortable kind of love; full of playfulness, laughter and admiration for one another. Kadi and Andy are the kind of couple that you simply cherish being around--the life of the party and a genuine love for those in their lives. Married at Second Presbyterian Church downtown, they then partied like it was 1999, directly following, at The Mill. I knew we were in for a treat when I asked about her inspirations for the day and she said it was the peacock that drove the design and colors. She did an AMAZING job creating a seamless celebration (just check out her gorgeous blue Christian Louboutins!). A huge thanks to:

With This Ring (Pam Newberry ROCKED it!)
Second Presbyterian Church

Oh the shoes, what can I say, I am in love!

Kadi was full of jitters right before heading down the aisle to meet Andy, so she decided to put her energy to good use with a few wall pushups! lol!



Andy was so excited to finally see Kadi, but once the congregation stood she was out of his view for a few moments. All I could hear him say was "I can't see her!! I want to see her!". Don't you just love his expression of pure joy!

We ran over to the Walnut Street Bridge before heading to the Mill. Great light abounded.

At The Mill

Group shot!

Some more of our wedding professionals' beautiful work.

Okay so we're in LOVE with photobooths and Beau and I couldn't resist jumping in before the end of the night. Obviously we couldn't quite get our timing down though... :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Swank and Savvy's Grand Opening

Clark and Kristen Campbell; Owners

Happy Monday Blogstalkers!

You are invited to come hang out with us at Swank and Savvy's Grand Opening tonight in the Spring Creek Town Center! Beau and I are very excited to celebrate Swank and Savvy's store opening, they have TONS to offer today's brides (how about fully interactive wedding planning software?!).

Food, goodies, giveaways and more are being offered so take the time to pop in, we would all LOVE to meet you! Party with us from 4-9 pm.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Brynn and Josh's LoveShoot!

Our friends Josh and Brynn are getting married in January and I can't even begin to describe how excited we are to be a part of it all! When they called to book us we knew that it would be a ton of fun! Below is their Loveshoot from last weekend. They were engaged at the Chickamauga Battlefield so we started there and ended in downtown Chatt. Thank you both for a fabulous evening, can't wait to hang out more!

So as I was walking backwards shooting I apparently just about broke my leg (or worse!) in a hidden hole in the ground. Luckily Brynn saw it right as I was nearing it--THANKS BRYNN!!!! This is her telling me I'm about to kill myself...not so sure why Josh is smiling about it though! Hmm, he's suspect...

Josh proposed to Brynn at the top of this tower at the Battlefield, what an awesome view!

They've taken dance classes over the year and we are looking forward to watching them show off at the reception!

The light was fabulous this night

I was asking Beau to move in closer with the reflector to light Josh's face a bit...and of course they took it literally--these two are hilarious together and the wedding day is def. going to be a hoot!

Our cheese balls...

Our lovely self portrait! Thanks guys, we had a ton of fun!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Julie and Joe Tied the Knot!

Joe and Julie tied the knot last Saturday! When I first met Julie several months ago I could tell that we were in for a treat--her excitement and admiration for Joe just radiated from her! As their officiant illustrated during their ceremony, these two are a powerful combination, able to light up a room with just their laughter and antics. Their wedding party was incredible too--the energy that they had throughout the ENTIRE day made it so much fun for us to shoot. Thank you both for inviting us to take part of your wedding day, I haven't laughed that hard in a while! I'm definitely looking forward to your Day After session in the Bluff View Art District when you return from your honeymoon!

It was so sweet how emotional Julie and her father were during their first meet. Being able to capture the true emotion of wedding days is our favorite part of being photographers!

Just one of many hilarious bridal party shots--their dances down the aisle is another fave, but I had to cap the pictures somewhere! :)

All of their guests...

Thanks to Gil and Curt for the beautiful arrangements and bouquets!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Swank and Savvy

Ahem...attention everyone.......drumroll please......

We'd now like to introduce Kristen and Clark Campbell of Swank and Savvy Wedding and Event Planning! Over the years we have been so honored to have had our paths cross with these two through weddings and mutual acquaintances. When they called and said that they were going to create a totally new concept for wedding planning I was hooked! You MUST check them out if you are looking for full or partial wedding planning--they are offering services and opportunities that you won't find anywhere else (ahem, can we say portable espresso bar for your reception?)!

I was telling Beau last night that their drive, focus, and excitement about creating elegant and dramatic weddings is just plain contagious! They both have many years under their belt when it comes to large scale productions, making them a great option for brides of all type.

So, I'm thrilled to announce that they will now be joining the Chattanooga wedding industry as premier wedding and event coordinators! Their Grand opening will be on Monday, August 10 from 4-9 at the Spring Creek Development Center in Cleveland--I PROMISE that this is one opening you do not want to miss (giveaways, radio stations, catering, local celebrities and more--its a no-brainer!)

Check out their exclusive session we did for their new site. We love working with local business for their headshots, store promos and more--contact us at 423.386.5324 if you are interested!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Josh and Amy are Married!

Josh and Amy are incredible! Their love is so full of beauty, depth and meaning and Beau and I were so honored to spend the day capturing it. They were married at the gorgeously historic Broadstreet Methodist church in downtown Cleveland. Having met in Philosophy Club at Lee University, their ceremony was understandably rich with meaning and tradition. We've shot many many weddings over the years and yet every wedding leaves us with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it means to be married and in love. Its just another reason that we love what we do! Thank you both again for letting us be a part, we can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon in Europe!

Beau always blows me away with his ring shots--well done!

20 minutes before the ceremony and we decided to have some fun. Don't worry we didn't light the cigars in the church!

These guys were so cute! I love how engrossed they were with the game!

Kudos to Avery Patten for the flowers--loved them!

The adorable Chad and Laura Guyton! I love getting to work with our couples again--aren't they so cute!