Monday, January 12, 2009

Caden's Baby Shoot

We have alot of events to catch up with, so stay tuned daily! 

It was great to meet up with Amy and Kyle for Caden's 3rd photo shoot. He is getting so grown up! We had a wonderful time the week after Christmas, playing around with Caden and catching the best toothy grins I've seen yet as he basked in being the center of attention.  Thanks guys--I can't wait for his birthday shoot!

Kyle bought Caden's first pair of Carhartt overalls and we just HAD to put him in them. Such a cute country boy!


mama faith said...

I think that the Carhartt picture is one of my absolute favorites you have taken of Caden thus far! Love them all!

Daisy said...

I know! He was so adorable with just his overalls on. Thanks and I hope you guys are feeling better!