Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Things!

Our Moffatt Update...

So last night I finally slowed down a bit and took a look back over this past year. We've been immensely blessed by you, our friends and family, and cannot even begin to express our thankfulness and love for you all! The travels, from Las Vegas to Charleston to Florida and everywhere in between, were thrilling. Being part of my own sister's wedding, launching a fresher and more exciting online experience for our business, and beginning a hard-core house hunt last October were just a few of the milestones. Oh yeah, and celebrating our 3rd anniversary of course! :)

Our business is heading into its fourth year and we are looking forward to our busiest season yet this 2009. (psst...we just had 2 Saturdays come open in May--they won't last so hurry! Shameless plug, sorry...) We will soon be relocating to a bigger and better office/home to handle the traffic and our products more efficiently. I can't wait! :)

This past June was a turning point for us as Beau began training for his first marathon. Always enjoying exercise but never able to do more than 5 miles due to many knee surgeries, I admit that I wasn't thrilled about joining him until last month. So here I am, declaring that I will attempt to do a half marathon in April--ACK! Kudos to my good friend Nicole for the kick in the pants--I will hopefully be able to make it across the line. Any others interested give me a shout, maybe we can do some group runs!

I'm incredibly proud of Beau as he has joined Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society during his marathon. We have had several of our clients recently battle cancer and Leukemia, (including my uncle) and we want nothing more than to raise awareness and support for this wonderful organization. To sponser Beau during his training and run, please visit his page or email him at for additional info.
Every little bit helps!

We are firm believers that it is imperative to nurture all areas of your life. I'm not too big on new years resolutions as I tend to enjoy whatever it is that I resolve to stop and it never works for me. :) Call me weak. Therefore this new year Beau and I have simply "resolved" to be more committed to maintaining a greater sense of balance in our work, our relationships, our physical well-being and our spiritual and emotional health. I understand that life happens, but if one area of your self is constantly neglected then balance is impossible to maintain. Be encouraged to reevaluate your own life as well, as it can only lead to good! Life is entirely too short to worry about the small stuff and I want to be the first to encourage you to relax and look for the joy and beauty in all things this year. :)
As I mentioned, 2009 is looking to be a fabulous year. We wish nothing but blessings and happiness for you and your families. Please let us know what big plans you have, we'd love to hear from you! And stay posted as we will be announcing a new and exciting program for our brides-to-be. Happy New Year!

Daisy and Beau

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