Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amanda and Will's Swanky Summer Affair

Whew! I'm on a roll today!
So, on Sunday afternoon Amanda and Will said their vows in an intimate and amazingly beautiful ceremony at the home of Will's parents on Signal Mountain. Amanda and Will have waited so long for this day and to be a part of it was such an honor! Amanda was a star when it came to planning out the details and to see it all pulled together made for an amazing presentation. The white tent in their huge backyard was full of white summer flowers, candles, and light blue napkins. She even thought to lay out quilts in the yard with hoola hoops and streamers for the kids!

But my favorite part of the entire event was the fact that Amanda specifically wanted pictures AFTER the reception in downtown Chattanooga, in the dark! Talk about getting my creative juices flowing! We had such a great time roaming the streets (literally!) getting all varieties of shots late into the night. Check them out below!

Amanda and Will--I've enjoyed working with you guys and I look forward to hearing more about your trip to Costa Rica in June! We'll have to get together before you all head out with the Air Force! :)

Amanda LOVES pie and so they opted for a delicious pie table over the traditional cake. All of the food, service and desserts were provided by the Big Table Restaurant. Their Coconut Cream pie was my fave!

Of course the pups were a part of the celebration--they're practically Amanda and Will's babies!

This black and white is my FAVORITE shot of the entire night! Well, actually its in my top 3...I just can't narrow it down! I know I don't usually explain my shots/settings so for all those photogs wondering...yes this is straight out of the camera with just black and white applied to it. A little extra diffused side lighting and a street light were all we used and it gave the desired effect. Isn't actual photography so satisfying?

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