Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet Juliane

I liked her sunglasses...might have to steal them the next time I'm in town!

I love this wall. In case you haven't noticed sky blue is my FAVE color and I flipped when I saw the amazing shade of these bricks... I'll try not to over do it but don't be surprised if you see more in the future.
Most of you know that I have many sisters...well 3 total. Recently my younger sister Juliane decided to take the challenge of an internship and plunged in with us during this past semester. She provided office support and management a couple times a week, giving us the freedom and energy to shoot more than ever!
Unfortunately she was taken captive last weekend by the dreaded...SUMMER VACATION and she returned home to Florida. sigh...Hopefully she will agree to another stint in the office come fall!
A few weeks ago we went exploring and I did a mini-shoot for her big debut. Her love for all things vintage and artistic is inspiring and often hilarious (you should see some of her insane art projects! I LOVE IT!). Not that I'm partial, but her creativity is amazing and I often seek her out when I'm looking for tips on projects and ideas.
If things continue to progress, Julie will hopefully begin training under us this next year, so expect to see more from her!

Thanks Julie!

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