Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Summer Celebration of Anna and Tyler

So its super late and I'm ready for some shut eye but I couldn't help putting up a few shots from this past weekend. We had such a great time shooting on Saturday with Anna and Tyler. Their big day took place at the Fillhauer House in Cleveland, TN. We also really enjoyed working with Anna's coordinator Christina Cannon--don't hesitate to contact us for more info on how you can hook up with this girl--she thought of EVERYTHING and the day ran so smoothly! 

The highlight of Anna's ensemble was her heirloom cathedral veil which Anna's mother wore during her wedding! I couldn't get over how gorgeous and well preserved it was.  My other fave part of the day was their actual story. Apparently Anna and Tyler became an item back in the 8th grade and have stayed together all these years--true childhood sweethearts!!!! They even had love notes from back then framed and displayed throughout the reception. Such a cool idea! The Collins Brother Band absolutely ROCKED it and the speeches given by Anna and Tyler's bridal party were just plain hilarious (and extremely well written)!  

Well enjoy some of their MANY shots from the day. The details were unending and I had to finally quit before I spoiled all of the highlights from the day! :) Thanks again you guys, and enjoy some serious R&R down in Florida.  To all my late night blogstalkers...Good night! 

They had some great laughs during the speeches...

Anna and her father during their father/daughter dance. I was moved watching them! 

Anna apparently MADE all of these adorable personalized apple butter favors for her guests...somebody needs to go into business! 
They left in style with a premier stretch limo...

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