Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nicole and Winston say "I Do"

On August 25th Nicole and Winston celebrated their big day at the Shadowbrook Mansion outside of Nashville, TN. They are one of the sweetest couples around--check out one of my new favorite shots below taken right after the ceremony when they were both just totally overwhelmed with tears of joy! How cool.

Nicole was absolutely stunning and her bright blue bridesmaid dresses were brilliant (say that 10 times)! Their outside wedding took place at 6:30 pm with a stunning sunset to top it off. Thanks you two for allowing Beau and I to be part of it all. Loved it!

I was thrilled when I ran into a previous bride of mine from June (check out Dixie and Glenn's wedding below). It was great getting to catch up with them a little, and it just felt so normal to get a picture of them too! They are cute as ever.


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a bridesmaid said...

Those pictures are gorgeous, not that Nicole needed any help looking beautiful. I really can't wait to see the rest!!!