Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Baby Brett has arrived!

Wow! We have had quite the whirlwind trips these past few weeks! We are thankfullyhome safe and sound and now have a new member added to the family! Last Sunday my sister Melissa and her husband Jimmy welcomed little Brett to the world and we were luckily around to celebrate with them. :) On our way back from a much anticipated break in St. Pete, Beau and I swung into Ocala, FL and hung out with the soon-to-be grandparents while they waited at the hospital. Brett arrived a healthy 7 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches long and with 10 long fingers for throwing a football (as his daddy proudly pointed out!) I was so happy that I had my camera (along with our 50 1.2--LOVE it!) to document the day. Enjoy as we passed around the little guy!
Classic men-in-waiting-room picture. :)

Mom spreading the news that Brett had just arrived

Proud new daddy (notice the Brett Favre jersey...no correlation to his son though...right) ;)

My parents checking out their first grand baby!

Uncle Beau! No, he didn't really make Brett cry :)

Jimmy's parents were so excited! I love how Mr. Bearden was holding such a little bundle.

Proud new grandmas!


Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice he's the cutest baby ever, but maybe I'm biased. And, Jimmy's wearing his Marvin Jones jersey (his favorite player) for the big occasion. Look forward to seeing you soon and getting some more great pictures of Brett! Thanks! ~Melissa

daisy said...

Oh! Whoops! I guess his new Favre jersey hadn't come in yet! :) See you in a few weeks!!!


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, not sure how long these pics have been up Daisy but once again you are sooooooooo talented. If I were single and carefree I would come mentor under you or at least come pay you for photography lessons. You did an amazing job capturing the arrival of handsome little baby Brett in picture story, Congratulations Aunt Daisy!
Love you guys,

nicolek said...

YEAH!! He is so beautiful Daisy! Please send our congratulations to the family. Love and miss you!