Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are so many small things throughout my day that make me grin with thankfulness. I don't know if its all the changes that we're about to undergo or the warm weather that's sporadically settled in the TN valley....regardless,
I can't help but smile when...

  • I pour my first cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning and settle into my big cozy office chair to check emails
  • I know that I am about to travel again--I LOVE ADVENTURES!
  • I glance at my pup Nala as she jogs next to me on my run, and she has a huge doggy-grin on her face
  • I am able to work with the most incredible people in the wedding and photography industry
  • I find a hot new pair of shoes.
  • I make my fave coffee drink--a yummy coconut cappuccino---why, oh why, won't Sbux carry coconut regularly?
  • When I come home to find Beau washing the dishes. And regardless of whether he's doing it the fastest way or not, I'm just grateful for his help (sorry babe for nagging!) :)
  • I crawl into bed after a very long day and know that I gave my best
  • I get a new album order delivered to my door!
  • I look at our new house-to-be
  • I get 20 minutes to peruse the latest Domino magazine
  • HGTV. Nuf said.
  • I have a wedding coming up--I am STILL in love with weddings, even after all this time! I'm such a girl.

Well those are just a few honorable mentions for now. Have a fabulous day and try to notice the small things!
Because posts are just better with pictures here are some shots from our trip to Charleston...I can't wait for summer again!

Oh yeah, sunrises make me happy too...

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