Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And Puppy Makes 3!

I can't believe its taken me so long to post this....but I wanted to officially introduce the newest member of our little family! Meet Nala, puppy-extraordinaire!
About 3 weeks ago we adopted this little black bundle of energy. She couldn't be more well-behaved (although the kitchen rug has suffered and was finally laid to rest last night) and she loves long naps and giving sloppy puppy kisses. I can't get over how fast she is growing up though. I'm sure I'll post more later...Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Daisy, Well that stinks you got a puppy, in that we are trying to find someone who would want Max our Golden Retriever and thought of you guys = P::: Well, congrats anyways, and if you know of anyone that would like a 4-5 yr old well behaved red-haired Golden Retriever let us know. Its just too hard with 2 little ones, one in the oven and a pregnant wife. LOL! email us when you get a chance. we want to try and come visit you and Beau sometime this summer. c-ya, Nate

Anonymous said...

Daisy, she's so cute! She doesn't look like she'll get too big. Is she a mix? Or is her geneology a mystery? ttfn! Janna