Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Supper Source

Last week I was commissioned by Impression's Food Co. to photograph their newest and greatest venture. Supper Source is the fastest and healtiest solution to your dinner dilemna. So how does it work? You sign up when it is most convenient for you. The food is fully prepped, and just needs assembled, according to the recipe and your preferences! Dislike onions? Leave 'em out! Next you package the dinners to go, take them home, and freeze them until YOU are ready! Its that simple! Cooking directions come with each meal, and you have a choice of several different meal plans, ranging from 10 meals (4-6 people) to 5 meals (2-3 people). I've personally tried it for Beau and I, and love this new dinner revolution that is popping up nationwide! Give Impression's Food Co. a call to sign up! 423.614.4051

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