Sunday, April 02, 2006


Last week I was priveledged to photograph my good friend Ruth. She was truly a natural and made it very easy to capture the looks I wanted. Thanks again Ruth!


Karena said...

Wow - Ruth is very photogenic. Great shots!

Katie said...

Hey Daisy,
Great photos!!

KJL said...

Hi Daisy,
Wow these pictures are great...I am a friend of Nicole's and she forwarded me to your website. Do you do family portraits? I have a family of five and I would love to have you take photos of the whole family. Do you have a price list developed for suggested groupings. I especially need a 16 X 20 for my living room wall..Have you done as portraits that big?

KJL said...

Daisy call me if you have time 423-614-8474.